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Frequently Asked Questions...

Was this a good deal for a first guitar ?

I bought my first guitar today courtesy of craigslist. I'm just starting to learn so I was on a budget.
For $130 I got:

- Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar (condition 9/10)
- padded guitar case with handle and backpack straps
- The Complete Guitar Player Songbook
- Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 with CD
- Fender automatic tuner
- 2 sets of Martin Marquis folk guitar strings
- Super Sensitive Londoner Classic Guitar strings
- 9 Fender picks

Was it a good deal for $130? I thought it was but just making sure, I wanna know if I got a bargain.
p.s. I live in canada so the guitars are a lot more expensive here brand new, take that in account nyrox.

Best Answer...


You got an outstanding deal on that package. New, the F310 carried a retail price of about 249 U.S. dollars. The selling price of these new was from 169-179, and included extra's in the package as well. (Not quite as many as in what you purchased.) Disregard a previous answer that Yamaha Sucks. First off, their acoustic guitars tend to have a very rich and full sound, and there easy to play. Secondly, Yamaha is a very diversified company that makes very high end keyboards, guitars, mixers, sound modules, multi-effects units,etc.. You get the picture. Their "budget minded" equipment is a very good product, as they have their high end reputation to uphold. Good job... take care of it.. it should last for years.